Our vessel is capable of performing a wide range of services but potential clients should be aware that we can, where possible, also conduct some more cost effective ROV Surveys of piers etc, from our well equipped vehicle based, on-shore, facilities. Contact Us for more details.

ROV Surveys

We have our own ROV's fitted with cameras and our own recording equipment that can be used when a 'hard' copy of a survey is required.

Diving Support

We are capable of providing support services for commercial divers by transporting them to their workplaces and our ROV mounted camera and on-board recording equipment, can be used to provide 'evidence' of their findings.

Marine Seabed Surveys

RubyMay is fitted with Survey Poles and can be used as stable platforms for high precision Seabed Surveys.

Light Cargo and Passenger Services

RubyMay is licenced for up to 12 passengers and, with it's 250kg HIAB crane, is capable of delivering those awkward pieces that make the use of a larger vessel uneconomical.